Materials List

The following are recommended for this project. The supply list is also provided in the handout so you can easily download it. The handout is on the Instructions Tab.

Please Note: Much of the decorative detail in this project is completed with the Sakura Gelly Roll Moonlight Gel Pen Set. Other gel pens may work, but I strongly encourage you to test them first. The Moonlight gel pens have opaque ink and work exceptionally well over watercolors.

Recommend Supplies

Cold press watercolor paper, 140 lb. paper at least one inch larger than your design (either 8 inches or 10 inches in overall size)

Graphite pencil

Kneaded eraser

White Eraser or SumoGrip* Eraser ( – It’s black so don’t let that fool you!


Watercolor pigments I used (All are Daniel Smith):

Hansa Yellow Medium (; Pyrrol Orange (; Perylene Red (; Quinacridone Violet (; Carbazole Violet (; Burnt Umber ( and Titanium White (

Watercolor brush, Round, Size 6 or 8 (

Watercolor brush with a sharp point, Size 2

Sakura Gelly Roll Moonlight Gel Pen Set (

Paper towels, tissues, and two water containers

Brown Waterproof Marker – I used a Uni Pin .5 Marker in brown (

Optional Supplies 

Graphite transfer paper ( – If you purchase transfer paper, make sure it is Wax Free)

Painter’s tape* for delicate surfaces ( (also found in paint and hardware stores)

White Uni•Ball Signo* gel pen ( or other white gel pen

White Transfer Paper* ( White Charcoal Pencil (

Pencil Sharpener

Transfer Papers

All transfer papers are NOT created equally. I used both a white and a graphite transfer paper in the quilt project. You do not have to purchase either item to make the project work as I show you alternate ways to create a transfer. With that said, if you find yourself doing a lot of these, it’s worth the investment to get the transfer papers.

If you purchase graphite transfer paper please be sure it is Wax Free.

To transfer your project without graphite transfer paper, you can use a window or light box.

For the areas where a white transfer paper would work best, you can use a white charcoal pencil to create the transfer by scribbling on the back of the paper to be transferred. Several methods of transfer will be shown in the class.

Affiliate Links To Favorite Items

*All items marked with an asterisk (*) are items, some of them new, which I have found to work particularly well with the art projects I work on. Several of these items were recommendations from students and I thank you for them!

I have provided links to these items. They are affiliate links. I receive a small kickback if you should purchase from Amazon. It does not change the price you pay. You may find some of these items in your local art store as well.

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