Materials List

Materials List

Water-Soluble Markers in coordinating colors (Tombow Dual-Tip markers were used for the tutorial. You will need one light colored marker that the other colors are layered over. I used a light salmon as my base and then layered pinks and violets over the salmon.)

Tombow Glue Resist Pen

Light box*

Waterbrush or traditional brush


Watercolor or Other Paper appropriate for use with markers cut to size of lettering design (my project was 6 x 4 inches)


Tracing Paper

White printer paper

Graphite pencil


Graphite Transfer paper


*If you do not have a light box, you can use a window with strong light or you can use a pencil, eraser and/or graphite transfer paper. As you will be working at the window for a while, if this is not comfortable, it may be better to work with a pencil and eraser. If you are a letter artist, you can always just letter directly onto the paper. If you are not, be aware of erasing on some papers. It can alter the paper surface. In turn, this can make the edges of the design fuzzy as the ink may bleed.

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